Phew… it has been a while! Here’s an update!

We here at The Brickside have been super busy… over the last few months we’ve added a bunch of new things to the mix, I opened an etsy store, added a few shirts to Design by Humans and done a bunch of events!

So What is new!?!?!

Back in early spring the fam and I were doing a little shopping at Joanne Fabrics, and I decided to get Iron Ninja Robot (my son) a Perler set to see if he enjoyed making it, with the knowledge that we could try selling it at an event, well… THAT piece never sold (Mario Mushroom Head) but we made several other things that did, bought more beads, made more stuff, and sold more stuff!

So after this success, I’ve decided that we should probably branch out in some other areas as well, so very recently I started cutting some vinyl and pressing shirts, as well as making a few decals… although THAT hasn’t taken off yet, I’m pretty hopeful!

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