Yeah, I know I didn’t spell it correctly in the title… but that is just how crazy this weekend was!

Saturday morning we set up over at Montgomery County Community College for the Whitpain Fall Festival, vendors were on-site and open from noon to 4 pm, and it was a hot day! Lucky for us though we’ve got that SUPER BRIGHT Orange Canopy, and I’ve heard rumors it can be seen from space, so we were protected from the beams of light, but not-so-much the heat.

Whitpain wasn’t as crazy busy as we remembered it was last year, but there was still a really large crowd, and we did have one of our better events for the year.  One thing to note was that last year the ground was super moist, so much that I’d sink into the ground about 2 inches with every step, one time I believe my shoe came off! This year the ground was significantly more firm and we were able to do things as normal!

As usual, we were one of the last vendors to pack up and leave, but also like usual, that is because we have a really cool setup and people like to hang out with us (and us with them). Eventually, our vehicles were loaded and we parted the college campus.

Sunday morning came up quick, I was able to create a few items over the night, but it never seems to be enough!  I arrived in Downingtown, PA for their annual Fall Fest, and had a CRAZY setup! Mothe Nature decided it would be fun to start up some windy times and throw one of my brand new display units onto the ground… I’m really lucky that this case didn’t have anything breakable in it, but the case itself was damaged.  I had to dig deep into my creative engineering capabilities and figure out how I was going to ensure that nothing else was going to fly away that day.  Once we were all set up, the crowds started coming through, located between the Victory Beer Garden and the Food Truck line seemed to work really well in our favor for grabbing the attention of passerby’s, many of which said things like “You are the Lego guys I was hearing about” or “This is the coolest spot here!” and it was all appreciated!

Once again we were some of the last to pack up our tables and goodies (what was left of them) but I can honestly tell you from experience that not leaving early tends to work in our favor…. when there are only 10 vendors left, there are fewer places for the people to go… and people like to chat about all the cool things we do or can do in the future

We give a great many thanks to both Whitpain Fall Festival and Downingtown Fall Fest for allowing us to set up at their events, and an even greater thanks to all the people who purchased from us, played the game, inquired about parties or gave suggestions for new things we can bring into the mix!

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